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The Love Brain Intro

The Love Brain is devoted to the cause of sorting out and streamlining healthy relationship research into the most up-to-date and valid relationship advice that makes sense and can actually be applied to our lives. This blog is dedicated to a journey to a better and happier you through strengthening relationships. Learning about love and healthy relationships is my life, so we are on this learning journey together!

What You’ll Get

In this blog you will find relationship and marriage advice as well as self-improvement and empowerment techniques. There is virtually no taboo subject here. The sensitive topics like sex, money, in-laws, trust, forgiveness, and communication are often the ones that we need to talk about most. Here you will get honesty and vulnerability from me, and acceptance and empowerment for yourself.

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As a passionate advocate of mental health and healthy relationships, I want to provide a better place for everyone to go than bogus and shallow relationship tests on the internet that tell you if he/she is cheating on you or if he/she is really “the one”. Here we will uncover the truth about transforming ourselves and creating healthy relationships that last.

So, how do we know what does a healthy relationship look like? How do we strengthen our own relationships?

The Reason Why

Because we can’t all consistently pay for and make time for therapy once a week, it can be hard to find the reliable, well-researched information about love and healthy relationships that we need. Even when you do find some valid research, it can be hard to interpret how it is meaningful to you and figure out how you are supposed to apply it to your life.

As a Family Science major, I get to learn about and work on my “love brain” every day and my goal is to share the important things I learn in a simple way so that you can apply them to your unique self and situation and get in touch with your “love brain” too.

Moving Forward

Between the 7 billion of us on the planet no one is exactly the same, yet we can all agree that it feels good to love and be loved. We all have a fundamental desire to achieve authentic and long-lasting joy within ourselves and in our relationships.

There is no silver bullet to life and love; we are all so different. But that is what this journey is all about; learning! Never stop trying new things to figure out what works. As I study and work on my own “love brain”, I will share the lessons that I learn with everyone who wants to evolve their ‘love brain’ as well.

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We are MEANT for happiness and joy. I hope this blog will help you build happy and healthy relationships that last.


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